USA Vers la fin de la peine de mort ?????


june 25 Death Penalty for Child Rape Barred by Top U.S. Court


April 16  U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Use of Lethal Injection

Confirmation de la sanction  de  la peine de mort

 La lecture de l’arrêt est intéressant car chaque  magistrat a l’obligation de donner son « opinion «  qui est publiée

une position française  historique : Robespierre et le Petit prince  


U.S. Cuts Back on Executions as It Debates Lethal Injections
By Greg Stohr

La décision du NEW JERSEY du 14.12.07

Le discours de Me Badinter , avocat,
le 17 septembre 1981

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 Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Supreme Court fight over lethal injections, a dispute that has halted executions nationwide, is highlighting a decade-long trend away from capital punishment.

The justices will consider whether lethal injections create an unnecessary risk of suffering. The case might force as many 37 states to change the way they execute people, adding more pressure to a death penalty system already experiencing a slowdown.

Executions in the U.S. have declined almost every year since 1999, when 98 convicted murderers were put to death. This year 42 executions took place, all by lethal injection, according to the Washington-based Death Penalty Information Center.

The U.S. and Japan are the only major industrialized nations with capital punishment.

``We seem to be realizing that there really are serious concerns about the death penalty in this country,'' said Deborah Denno, an expert on the subject who teaches at Fordham University Law School in New York. ``It's not just the whimperings of some liberals who are trying to devise ways to get the death penalty made unconstitutional.''

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le rapport sur l'aboliton de la peine de mort

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